Fibre Broadband - FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

Internet Direct are proud to be one of a few providers able to offer new fibre broadband (also know as FTTC or fibre to the cabinet) for the business right from the start of the roll out programme.

A huge leap forward in upload speed!

The roll out of fibre broadband is making high upstream capabilities affordable - providing a vital solution to small businesses looking to compete in an increasingly data-hungry environment. Business fibre broadband upload speeds will enable your business to use video, voice or VPN technology more easily, and will support a range of high-data demand applications.

Download speeds that outdo any ADSL connection

Fibre is the next-generation broadband technology meaning download speed capability has leapt forward too. To make sure that you get the fastest possible speed, we will always provide your service using the fastest available technology. Fibre broadband is considerably faster than any standard broadband connection.

Office Fibre Standard
  • 50 Gigs per month download
  • Free Dynamic IP / Static IP's
  • £35.00 per month
Office Fibre Premium
  • 100 Gigs per month download
  • Free Dynamic IP / Static IP's
  • £42.00 per month
Office Fibre Max
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Free Dynamic IP / Static IP's
  • £55.00 per month
We'll make it work - and reliably too!

We make sure all our lines always perform at their best, by monitoring connections that fall below our standards. Often we fix problems before you're even aware of them, but if we can't, we'll call you to explain what we can do about it. Buy fibre broadband and we'll also send an engineer to your premises to install your new connection.

Fibre broadband with Internet Direct offers a 99% availability - just like the rest of our network.

Fast provisioning time

For a high-speed solution, fibre broadband is very quick to provision. Order today, and start using your new fibre connection within 10 working days.

More affordable than other high speed connections

Until fibre broadband became available, businesses looking for high speeds paid a premium for uncontended, dedicated solutions like EFM or Leased Lines. SDSL offers another alternative but can't match the speed of fibre. Now, fibre broadband is an option that sits comfortably between standard ADSL and the premium services. Much more affordable, but with significantly higher speeds than many solutions.

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