Business Leased Lines

Leased lines offer the technology to help you connect one site to another with a point to point connection or allow your business a fast reliable connection to the internet through an internet leased line. EFM also offers great speeds with up to 65% savings against an internet leased line.

Point to point connectivity

A point to point leased line or private circuit allows you to connect two sites together over a secure, dedicated line. This allows you to extend your business network (WAN) across two locations with secure, fast and reliable data transfer.

Faster data transfer

One of the decisions you will make about your Point to Point leased line solution is the amount of bandwidth you want, this can range from 2Mpbs to 1Gbps, depending on what you need. Because you are not sharing your line with other users (it has a 1:1 contention ratio) you get guaranteed speed both up and down stream reduce buffering and lag in video conferencing and VoIP technologies.

Better security

Your point to point line will offer a secure and direct connection between two sites. With broadband, SDSL or bonded DSL your data is going across a public network. With a point to point connection Internet Direct will install a private line that connects you directly to your local exchange, keeping your data private and secure.

Reliable cross-site backup

The faster connectivity speeds and guaranteed uptime means that you can reliably transfer data between sites, allowing you to run backups across two sites.

Internet Leased Lines

An internet leased line connects your business directly to the internet using a dedicated fibre connection. Because your connection is not shared over normal telephone lines (as ADSL / Broadband is) you get guaranteed speed, reliability and better security. Because the connection is symmetrical you can upload data at the same speed as you download.

High speeds

When you commission an internet leased line you will make two decisions on speed; Firstly how fast you want your connection to run day to day (your throughput) secondly what type of bearer you want (this governs the maximum speed your connection will be able to achieve without further installation). Throughput speeds can be anywhere from 2Mpbs up to 1Gb depending on what you need.

Guaranteed, consistent speed

If you are using a traditional broadband connection you may have noticed your internet connections slowing down at peak times, or even slowing down at the end of the month if your ISP has a fair usage policy. With an Internet Direct Leased Line you will be the only company using this connection (1:1 contention ratio), giving you guaranteed and consistent speeds both up and downstream. A 10Mbps leased line will give you 10Mbps for both upload and download all day, every day.

Improved security

Leased lines create a private connection between you and the network, making your data transfer more secure. This is the technology often used to connect banks and other financial institutions, so a very important consideration if you have mission critical data about your business or customers that you need to keep safe.

Ethernet in the First Mile

EFM stands for Ethernet in the First Mile and is a technology for delivering a high speed , reliable internet connection to your business. Unlike a traditional leased line which uses Fibre to connect you to your local exchange EFM uses bundles of copper pairs which means lower costs, high resilience with a faster installation time. Speeds are also symmetrical, so unlike a broadband connection you get the same speeds uploading data as you do downloading. We can set EFM up for you at a range of speeds: 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 Mbps The speed you can get will depend on your exchange.

Lower costs: save up to 65% vs. a traditional leased line

Because EFM uses copper lines that are already in place there is no need for expensive digs to install new lines, making it cheaper to install with lower monthly rental charges. If you want high speeds, EFM could save you up to 65% of the cost of a traditional leased line. 60% of UK business are located in an EFM area.

Get up and running faster

Because EFM uses existing infrastructure your connection can be up and running within 30 days of your contract being signed. This is potentially twice as fast as a traditional leased line. So if you have a new site going live or a pressing need for higher bandwidth or better reliability, EFM could be the solution for you.

As EFM uses multiple bundles of copper pairs the solution has a high level of reliance. Should one of the copper pairs ever temporarily fail your connection will be shared over the remaining copper pairs keeping your business connected to the internet.

VOIP, VPN and video can all be very sensitive to latency, leading to poor voice quality, buffering and other issues over a traditional broadband connection. EFM can offer higher speeds, with a high upstream and downstream connection speeds which offers a perfect solution for businesses that want to make the most of this money saving technology.

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